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  David Hanks
David Hanks, V.P. and co-founder of H-Petro-R, Inc., as a third generation oilman oversees drilling, exploration and field operations. Mr. Hanks gained much experience in the oil industry working for his family business, Hanks Drilling, Inc., and as an independent oil and gas producer with Hanks Petroleum Corporation, an oil and gas exploration company. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Mr. Hanks also secured over 200,000 acres of leasehold property working as a consultant to various major oil companies. Mr. Hanks worked overseas as the Managing Director for Exportech Middle East LTD, with offices in London, England and Kuwait where he oversaw oil and gas related exports of production equipment to the Middle East and the acquisition and management of several companies in Europe.

In 1980, at a young age, Mr. Hanks formed Hanks Petroleum Corp. focusing on drilling, exploration and operating in the mid-continental region of the United States. During this time, David, with his staff and geologist partner, discovered oil and gas in Dewey County, Oklahoma, with the drilling of the Kennedy 1 to over 11,000 feet, which has produced over 1.5 Billion Cubic Feet (BCF) of gas to date. Since then, 11 additional wells have been drilled and the field has produced 8.7 BCF to date and is still producing. Since its first success in the 1980s, Hanks Petroleum Corp. went on to drill and develop many more wells and fields in the midcontinent region that have produced over 25 BCF and over 1 million barrels of oil. In addition, Mr. Hanks has overseen many multiple well projects and exploration programs that are still currently producing. Mr. Hanks studied business economics at the University of Maryland and Kings College in Cambridge, England.

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