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  Ronald Coleman

Ronald L. Coleman, President and Chief Geologist. Mr. Coleman has over 50 years of extensive experience from well-site to exploration, developing and utilizing region subsurface mapping. His evaluation skills include geophysical, geochemical and geomorphology as well as satellite imagery. Mr. Coleman's oil and gas geological development skills have produced over 300 successful oil and gas wells. He has experience in North Texas, Texas Gulf Coast, Mississippi Smackover trend, Louisiana, the Rocky Mountain region, the entire Mid-Continent region including Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle, southern and western Kansas. Mr. Coleman has geological experience with companies including, Union Texas Petroleum, TriPower Resources of Ardmore, Oklahoma, Richland Energy of Ft. Worth, Texas, Eason Oil of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma as well as many others. Mr. Coleman is a member of several affiliations, including the American Association of Petroleum Geologist and the Oklahoma City Geological Society and is certified to testify before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and the Texas Rail Road Commission. Ronald Coleman attended Oklahoma University and subsequently graduated from Oklahoma City University in 1963 with a B.A. in Geology. Mr. Coleman has been working with H-Petro-R Inc. for fifteen years when he became head of Exploration Geology and now President.

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